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Family Picture - Hermann Park 2010
My name is Sean Brady. I currently reside in Pearland Texas, a suburb of Houston. Along with me are my wife, two boys and our one eyed cat named Fiona. We have been in Pearland since June of 2005. Prior to Pearland we lived in Murphy Texas (near Dallas) for about a year, and in Sugarland (another Houston suburb) before that. We have been in Texas since December of 1994. My wife and I both grew up in the upper midwest, South Dakota and Iowa. We met in college in South Dakota and moved to Texas after graduation. We were married in 1999. Our boys were born in 2005 and 2009.

This content on this blog is a mix of postings about my many interests, and occasionally items of interest to me professionally. Topics will range from games and gaming to gadgets, the internet, social media and technology in general. I would say if you are inclined towards topics on the geekier side of the spectrum then you may find something of interest here.

A glimpse at my game collection
I am a huge collector, and occasional player, of games of all types. My collection includes hundreds of board, card, miniatures, roleplaying and video games. I am currently hosting a group of gamers once a week where we play various roleplaying games and the occasional board game. I am a huge fan of both fantasy and science fiction themed games in general. I do really enjoy historical themed board games though, especially lighter war games like those in the Command & Colors series. By far my favorite game publisher is Fantasy Flight Games, and my collection is dominated by titles from them. I have five bookshelves in my office, each filled with games. I also have a closet in our guest bedroom which acts as overflow. On the video game front, I have an XBOX 360, Nintendo DS and a Wii. See the Game with Me page for more information about connecting with me to play games.

In addition to collecting games I like to keep up with the latest gadgets and mobile technologies. Smartphones, tablets, ereaders, portable media players and gaming devices are all to be found in abundance around here. I prefer Google Android based devices to those running the Apple iOS. The few places in my office not taken up with games are filled with various gadgets and gizmos.

Professionally, I am an information systems consultant for the law firm of Vinson & Elkins LLP in Houston. Previous to my current position I was the manager responsible for software application development, deployment and maintenance. My current position has me working directly with end users to better understand the way they work and their needs. I am also the firms resident social media expert, and have a strong interest in the knowledge management efforts at the firm.

Speaking of social media, I am fairly active online on a number of communities including Twitter, Google Buzz and Facebook. I am very interested in how social media can be used to capture and retrieve knowledge, learn in a more social environment, and share what we know with others.  If you are interested in finding me online you can typically look for the user seanabrady. You can also find me online by visiting my Google Profile or by visiting the Connect Online page on this blog.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the content on this site. If you do please comment and share your favorite articles online. Each post offers a selection of tools for sharing.