Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wyrmwood Dice Vault

When I am not busy buying way too many miniatures from Mantic Games kickstarters I like to look around for others items to invest in. One of those items was the handmade dice box from Wyrmwood Gaming.

Dice Vault in Rosewood

These boxes are all hand crafted and stained. The carry a full standard set of polyhedral dice with room to spare for a few extras. There is not enough room for a full set of Fate Dice, but you can get a good number in there (all but two i think). The fit is really quite nice. The boxes come with a magnetic closure which holds very well. The kickstarter boxes also included a foam insert to keep dice from shaking around too much. 

These really are very nice, and I highly recommend them as a gift item for gamers. I hope to see them start another Kickstarter with a new product once they get this one "in the box".

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