Friday, December 13, 2013

Snap, Snap, Click, Click Terrain

I spent some time assembling some of the terrain I received with my Mantic Deadzone kickstarter shipment. It was a huge box of stuff which I will cover in some detail later. I got a lot of terrain through the Kickstarter because it is one thing I am just not good at creating and I knew that it would be super important to this game. I figured it would also work for 40K or any other science fiction based skirmish miniatures game.

A Bit of Scenery and a few Plague models
A couple of things I will note, as there seem to be some issues floating around the forums about the shipments and functionality of the terrain pieces:

  • I appear to have gotten all the sprues that were coming to me for terrain. I need to go back through one more time to be sure, but I am 90% sure that things are good.
  • Using a flat screw driver I was able to assemble off of these pieces quiet easily without breakage. The one thing that is hard to deal with are the flat connectors when trying to put the cubes together. It is hard to lay them down to get the correct leverage. Luckily, the flat connectors are also far easier to get in with just your fingers and a bit of pressure. 
  • I don't think I will need to use glue. These are well connected. In fact, they are so well connected that even using a small screw driver to try and push the connectors out has been a challenge.
  • I did find that you can get away with fewer connectors and still maintain stability when you have more walls.
Overall I am very happy with how it is turning out. I will be building the landing platform tonight along with a control building which will represent the first set of terrain pieces I plan to play with. There are still a bunch of pieces that I have no clue how to use. Hoping to find more sample builds so I can see how others used the bits. If you know of some good examples, please post links in the comments.

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