Tuesday, December 10, 2013

...again to 40k

Nothing like finding a group of people doing something you really love to make you take a head first dive off a cliff to join them.

A few years back I started a blog called ...again to Warhammer. My plan was to re-imagine my hordes of undead. It worked well for a while until I got distracted with other things. I have the army though, nearly finished with assembly, and i am thinking of pulling it out and getting it done. This post isn't about the WFB army though.

This post is about ...again to 40k, after spending the night Saturday dusting off my Necrons for an attempt at 6th edition. The game was fun, and reminded me that for all the board and roleplaying I do that I am a miniatures gamer at heart.

On the way home I thought and thought about what army I wanted to play. Keep and enhance the Necrons or try something new? I really have always loved IG, but they are sort of boring. Space Marines are also a favorite, I love speeders. Then I started thinking about Tyranids. I got home and saw some of the newer models, huge. Then I saw some of the rumors for the new codex and was pretty well sold.

The small group we have includes another Necron player, a Tau and a Blood Angel. I think some enormous bugs will fit right in. Look for more posts and pictures as I get started over the next few weeks.

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