Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uncharted Seas - Iron Dwarves Fleet

I was just so excited about getting a chance to play some Uncharted Seas this past weekend that I speed painted my way through my Iron Dwarves starter miniatures. Certainly not an expert paint job, but more that adequate for me to play with. Just a few other ships to paint and I will have a complete fleet. Now to find more games.

If you are in the Houston area and play Uncharted Seas (or any of the other Spartan Miniatures games) give me a shout.

Iron Dwarves Fleet for Uncharted Seas


  1. I think the orc fleet looks the coolest. Orcs are just cool and menacing.

    Nice paint job on your steamships. I don't think dwarves care much for water, though.

  2. They have an undead fleet which I might need to pick up. Looks very cool, especially since the main weapon on the battleship is a series of trebuchets. Actually, there are a lot of cool looking fleets. My main issue is always painting skill to do models justice.

  3. One of these days I need to sit in on one of these games. I keep seeing it but have never seen it actually played. I forget which side of town your on. I'm South East.

  4. I am in Pearland. It is such an easy game to play, but it still actually has some good tactics to it. I am really looking forward to painting up my fleet for Firestorm Armada as well. Hopefully, I can keep the excitement going for a while and get some painting done.


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