Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jumping to Malifaux

Malifaux Rules Cover
It really is all about the miniatures. They just look so damn cool, and creepy, and you cannot EVER go wrong with a giant killer teddy bear...EVER! So I have watched with great interest the discussions around the skirmish miniatures game Malifaux for about a year now. I have not been playing many miniatures games though, so I figured I would just skip it.

Since OwlCon my interest in miniatures games, especially Skirmish level miniatures games, is at an all time high. I mentioned in my weekly recap post that I had ordered up the rules and a starting crew for the game. The order has shipped, and I will have my new toys in hand on the 18th. Very excited.

Like many people, I was drawn to the awesome weirdness of the Neverborn. It really is the giant teddy bear that seals the deal, but the fact that many of the miniatures are kids, with knives, does not hurt. When the models arrive I will be visiting the doll house section at Hobby Lobby to see if I can find some suitable toys to include on the bases for my new crew. While I have heard she is not the easiest to start off with, I decided to grab the Pandora crew, Legion of Sorrow. As I understand it, she is all about tormenting the minds of her opponents. She opens the box, and all hell breaks loose. There is a great thread on the Wryd Games (publishers of Malifaux) website with all manner of tactics and tips for Pandora and her crew. It was actually a very informative read, even though I have not read the rules to the game yet.

Teddy Model for Malifaux Neverborn
Pandora's crew comes with Baby Kade and Candy. As sweet a little boy and girl as you will find in this world. The box also comes with a few smaller minions called Sorrows. Apparently, they exist solely to amplify the torment caused by Pandora and the rest of the crew. There was no way I would start off without the big guy himself, Teddy.

Looking at the other available models, and reading some of the tactics I am pretty sure I will be getting a doppelganger and some terror tots to grow the crew.

I talked to a few gamers at OwlCon this year who said they were playing Malifaux, but I know that at least two of them were not from Houston. Hopefully, I will be able to find a game.

Really looking forward to the this game because of:

  • the cool models,
  • the interesting setting (and terrain options),
  • the fact it is another skirmish game to try,
  • the unique card based resolution mechanic (pretty sure it does not use dice at all).

Here are some resources for the game if you are interested in finding out more:

Wryd Games Home (Check out the forum)
Battlefoam Custom Carry Case
World Works Terrain (should be available in March)
Board Game Geek Page

Malifaux Podcasts & Videos of Interest
D6 Generation Malifaux Review Episode
D6 Generation Rising Powers Discussion Episode
The Aethervox Podcast

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