Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cult of Cuska - A Warband for SoBH

I cannot wait for the end of the month. I have scheduled up a game day with my game group to introduce them to Song of Blades and Heroes. I have spent a bit of time today pulling out some of my old warbands for Song of Blades and started putting them down on paper. I want to be ready, and I want to make the game as easy as possible since most of the players are not really familiar with miniatures gaming.

I think making warbands for this game is actually about 50% of the fun for me. I have so many miniatures lying around from old Warhammer armies, D&D miniatures and a number of other games, that I just have to try and build a warband from all of them. Each army is getting a brief write up, and a detail page for each models statistics. I highly recommend using the warband builder available online. You can output a text file with the saved warband and keep it in a document along with the write up, makes for easy army list maintenance. I keep all of mine in Google Docs, and when combined with the online warband builder makes for a perfect cloud based system.

D&D Minis work great for this game
As a sample, I completed the Serpent Cult of Cuska warband earlier today (Cuska is the Latvian word for serpent, love Google translate to get names for things). Below is a sample of what the write up looks like. The printed write up also includes a chart with all of the Special Rules for the warband included. This warband is made up of models from the D&D miniatures line, and focuses on the use of poison and a few other tricks. Perhaps the weakest part of the army is the overzealous leader, Arwelnydd (another name from translate). Losing your leader in SBH can be a disaster, and he likes to run right in and mix things up.
The Serpent Cult of Cuska (293) 
For many years Cuska, the self proclaimed king of all serpents, has been building an army. From the lowliest garden serpent to the might dragons of the sea he has quietly built his power. He now sends roving bands of his minions out to steal, kill and otherwise create mayhem in the world. This warband represents one such band. 
Arweinydd y Sariff (90): Half man and half snake. A fast poison coated blade is his weapon of choice. He prefers running into combat to make a quick kill before moving on to his next target. 
Quality: +2 Combat: 3 Special: Dashing, Evil, Poison, Leader 
Tywyll Neidr (44): A large snake, super intelligent with a deadly poisonous bite. Uses his huge tail to knock down his enemies after an attack. 
Quality: +4 Combat: 4 Special: Big, Evil Poison, Tailslap 
Death Rattle Viper (33): This small rattlesnake packs a serious mean streak and deadly poison in his fangs. His small size gives him great stealth ability, and he always finishes off a downed victim. 
Quality: +4 Combat: 3 Special: Animal, Evil, Opportunistic, Poison, Stealth 
Viper Fiend (38): Watch your feet, because the Viper fiend can burrow under the ground. When he attacks he uses his vicious fangs, and sharp spiked body to savagely maul his prey. 
Quality: +4 Combat: 3 Special: Evil, Burrowing, Savage, Poison 
Spitting Vipers (22x4): Working together as a team, a group of spitting vipers can quickly take down enemies. Not as strong on their own, and far more likely to act as a group. 
Quality: +5 Combat: 3 Special: Animal, Evil, Gregarious, Shooter: Long


  1. What are you thinking of for the board? I see that it recommends at least 60cm x 60cm.

    I ask because I have quite a bit of foam board stock. One time I cut a large piece for a dragon's lair and just threw some paint on it.

  2. Actually was planning to just use the tabletop with some felt and scenery. For sure the round table and likely that square table we use to crokinole.

  3. Ok. Sounds like a good solution. I know you have all the terrain stuff, too, should be nice.

  4. I am actually planning to rebase all of my trees to get a more consistent look. The flocking on the current trees is a bit all over the place. I may pick up a few more trees as well to make some nicer looking forested areas. Should look pretty cool.


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