Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaming Weekly Recap

Fairly typical week for gaming this week. We played D&D a little bit on Thursday, still trying to wrap up the modified Tear of Ioun campaign. Due to a late start again we are still in the midst of a combat in the Feywild. I am tempted to simply call the fight a success and move in, in fact I think that is what I will do. Really don't want to drag out the same set of tiles for a 3rd session. I think that over all interest in 4e has become non-existent. I am reading through my materials for Hellfrost, a Savage Worlds setting, and would like to run an adventure in that world sometime. I am still quite fond of SW in general, especially how easy it is to just run.

Speaking of roleplaying games I started looking at the 6d6 rpg this week. I was planning to buy the game that had available, but issues with Google Checkout and my recently updated card prevented it. The game does look interesting though, using a deck of custom cards to help resolve things in game. Sounds interesting, and the site has some dates for public playtest sessions, which i might try and get in on.

I am continuing to make a dent in the huge amount of bare metal I have in my miniatures cabinet. This week I was able to paint up a good number of the models in my Reptus warband for Warlord. I also started painting ships for my Sorylian fleet for Firestorm Armada. Iain bought me some paints for Christmas this year and I used those paints for the fleet. He was glad to see them put to use. My goal with all of my painting is basic tabletop quality, and these ships are not taking long at all to get done to the degree. I need to dip my Reptus models and complete the bases this weekend, but the warband is well on its way.

Sorylian Ships - Firestorm Armada
Reptus Snakes for Warlord
Just a couple of more weeks until my Song of Blades and Heroes game day. Jeff, from 6 arrows and my weekly RPG group, bought a copy of the rules and tried the game out. He has also invited a couple of friends along, so we should have a good turn out. I plan to have one graveyard board setup as well as a larger wooded board with a ruined castle in the middle. I spent some time re-basing a lot of my trees so that they look more consistent and are on more stable bases. Really looking forward to playing miniatures for a whole afternoon.

Graveyard table for SoBH Game Day
Speaking of miniatures games I ordered up a new load from The Warstore this week, should be here on Friday. I bought the Dystopian Wars rulebook, but decided against getting a fleet right now. I am pretty sure that I will be going with the Blazing Sun though. I ordered up an Elven Warhost from Mantic Games as well. I finally had a chance to read through the rules for Kings of War, and I really like the simplicity. Having read them, and looked at some of the models, I am not sure why I thought it was a good idea to buy back into Warhammer. Oh well, the VC army should still look nice if I get it completed. I am looking forward to the Elves though. I have never had an Elven army, and in general am not a fan of elves, but I like to get different armies with different games. Last thing I got was the rules and a starter crew for Malifaux. I have been on the fence for a long time on Malifaux, but decided to take the plunge. I will write more about that decision, and why I am so excited about it in another post.


  1. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I'm tired of 4e for a while. The battles are just so mind-numbing.

    The graveyard looks FABULOUS! Should be a good time.

  2. Also I am excited to give you grief about buying Elvish miniatures.


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