Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 hours from sprue to glue

I think I might have found the perfect set of fantasy miniatures for me. In fact, I think I might have found the perfect set of mass battle rules to go along with those miniatures. I mentioned in a previous post that I had ordered the Mantic Games Elven Warhost. This is a set of miniatures for Mantic's Kings of War (beta rules are free) game, and comes with 53 plastic figures.

The figures form a good basis for an army for the game. The box set includes a unit of 20 spearmen with command, 20 archers with command, 10 scouts, and 1 bolt thrower (with two crew). They are nice figures, but more importantly they are incredibly easy to assemble. Sunday night I sat down to try and assemble a few of the models. I decided to start with some of the scouts. I figured I would get the scouts done at the most, likely not even all 10, as I only had about 90 minutes. Much to my surprise I complete not only the 10 scouts but all 20 spearmen as well. Monday night I assembled the 20 archers and the bolt thrower, took about 90 minutes as well. I am pretty sure I have never assembled so many miniatures in such a short amount of time. There are some extra bits I can add if I want, but for me and my needs the models are done. I recorded a quick, well 5 minutes quick, video last night where I basically said everything I just wrote here.

I am going to grab some army painter spray to get them painted up using the army painter dips. I think I will include a few more models to go along with these as well. Kings of War is all about big games, with lots of models, and I think I can oblige.

I will cover the rules for this game in a different post, but I am very excited about them. They have a great feel to them with enough crunch but only 12 pages of rules. It is one of the first games that I feel I know how to play fully after a single reading of the rules. Hopefully I can find someone in Houston who is interested in playing.

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