Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Savage - Session 3 Game Recap

Last Wednesday we got together for session 3 of our Savage Worlds supers game. You can hear the audio, complete with the sounds of playing children in the background, over on 6arrows. The party disembarked from our boat in Evansville this time and after some brief haggling to sell our way cool electric boat (for a paltry $120) we made our way into town.

Frank started scouting the town for some adult entertainment when he heard a loud bell chime. The townsfolk all a started to make their way towards the town square, where we found the town's "leader", a guy named Badass,  collecting his food and money tax from the towns people. He had collected quite a large amount of food, and really didn't look all that badass. I wen straight up to him, and offered to take it off his hands. I was hoping to use my Intimidate skill, but the conflict devolved into combat before I had a chance. Badass was pretty easy to take down, especially with the help of a number of exploding dice. However, taking him down really just made him mad. He grew from not so badass, to a two story badass. He hit me, as I was a convenient target, and threw me back into the crowd. A round later though he exploded due to being infected with disease (an interesting power from another party member).

With badass nothing more than soup in the square, I set about trying to take over the town as best possible. I found the nicest house in town and helped myself to a warm shower. I am sure it felt wonderful. The party continued to search for our enhanced transportation by following a mystery bracelet we obtained right after the start of the adventure. We were lead to a house. The house apparently was once home to a family that died of a mysterious disease. That turns out to have just been a rumor to keep people away. We took a ride down an elevator disguised as a shower and into a hideout of a person named Demon. He is a tech wiz who appears to be running an underground movement against the alien invaders. He has been leading us around, and we are well rewarded with an airplane for our efforts in finding him. He wants us to get help from other super heroes to defeat the aliens.

One interesting thing we uncovered was how we came to be here. Apparently, back in our own tim e we we each captured by super heroes. They used some sort of matter stasis device, and stored us in an alternate universe. When we were freed in this time all that was done was to release us from our prisons. It was decided that our inability to take orders from anyone would be a good thing against the aliens. Though I am thinking maybe we can setup some sort of world sharing arrangement. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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