Friday, January 28, 2011

Headed to OwlCon

I am heading to the local game convention at Rice University tomorrow. I have gone for the past five years, and OwlCon is always a good time. It is always my goal to play games that I might not otherwise get a chance to play. However, this year I am actually preregistered for two events, both games that I actually own.

Your logo hereTomorrow I will be playing Uncharted Sea's from Spartan Games. I actually have a bunch of miniatures, and the rule books, but have not had the chance to play. I am bringing my, sadly, unpainted Iron Dwarves miniatures with me tomorrow so perhaps they will see some action. The game is a fantasy naval combat game. Spartan seems to have done a good job of creating a simple, fast play game. I am looking forward to this game quite a lot.

Sunday morning I will be playing a game that I own the rules for, but have not played, Song of Drums and Shakos. This game is in the Song of Blades and Heroes line of miniatures skirmish games from Ganesha Games. I have a number of the games in the line, and picked this one up because I really want to get into some historical miniatures gaming. I tried Flames of War, but it was a bit too much for me. The Napoleonic Era is not one I am overly familiar with, so it seemed like a good choice. The game itself is super simple, but places a good amount of emphasis on making good command decisions. I have played a fair bit of the fantasy game Song of Blades and Heroes on which this is based. Looking forward to this as well.

I am planning to get in on a game (or two) of Warlord tomorrow and well as play Tony Elam in some Crokinole. Should be a good time. Pictures and updates later this weekend.

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