Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Web App Review - Entanglement

This is the first in a series of short reviews of web applications available from the Google Chrome Web Store.

(Sorry the audio cut off at the end, I recorded this with Jing and went over my 5 minutes.)

Starting off with a game called Entanglement by Gopherwood Studios. This is a fairly simple strategy tile laying game where the goal is to build as long a path as possible. Each tile contains a number of different possible paths and you rotate the tile to pick the one that extends your path furthest. The game offers both solitaire and multiplayer modes, and allows you to keep track of scores with your Google login.

The game play reminds me of the board game Tsuro which was published back in 2005. The concept and game play for the two games are nearly identical. Fun little game if you can find a copy for a decent price.

The ability to set apps, especially games, to launch in full screen really lends to the feel that this is a standalone app. This game looks awesome in full screen, you really cannot tell your in a browser at all. I have not tried it, but I believe that this game will work offline using HTML5.

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