Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Savage - Week 2 Game Recap

This week was a light session, giving us a chance to explore some of the mechanics (especially combat) some more. Our goal at this point seems to be to make our way through the wasteland of once was what the central United States in search of "better transportation". We are not finding it an easy thing to do.

We made our way down to a river, and were able to obtain a boat (a rather mysterious circumstance to find a boat, hiding in a house, fully charged up). We set off down the river on our way to Evansville, IN in search of still better transport. We started on foot, moved to horses, then the boat. I wonder what is next. I should take the time to note that none of the super heroes in our party can fly, run really fast or do anything super as it relates to movement. We are kinda lame in that regard.

On the river we are able to see what is left of human society, a meager existence that most humans would have thought was left far in the past. The boat comes to the remains of yet another town, when the party is attacked. More of the same alien robots we had seen before, but this time with some men working with them. All of the enemies were quickly subdued, no thanks to my character. We talked to some of the towns people and found out that there are people who work as agents for the aliens. Easy to get the impression that the people out in the world, who are not slaves to the aliens are very interested in keeping a low profile.

Further progress is made up the river, and we find a few people selling & trading junk. The mind reading member of our party senses a trap, and we are able to scare off the people without much of a fight. We wrapped up a quick night of gaming as we rolled into the docks at Evansville. Next session, in the new year, will have the party trying to find our new transport. We need to make our way towards one of the Aliens big pyramid cities to see if we can't "reason" with them.

Frank has not had much chance to do anything. I am 100% focused on melee combat, and my skill set is basically limited to beating (burning) information out of people. Hopefully, I will have a chance to shine, or burn as the case may be, when we pick up again in January. The podcast of the session should be up on 6arrows soon.

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