Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Savage - Weekly Game Recap

57 years ago five of the most powerful super villians ever to walk the world vanished. Now in the year 2059 they find themselves alive, and working together to understand what happened to the earth that they knew. Cities crumbling and in ruin, people hunting in untamed wilderness with bow and arrow. All the result of an apparent alien invasion. What super "heroes" remain work with the aliens to avoid further loss of life, and people are used as slaves living in huge colonies. Could it really be up to the evil scum of the former world to save the planet and rid mankind of the evil alien menace?

This is what we hope to find out in our new Savage Worlds campaign, inspired by the Necessary Evil setting.  I am happy to be on the players side of the screen for this game. I really enjoy running games, especially Savage Worlds, but getting some time off to play is going to be quite nice. We kicked off the game on Wednesday night, having all five PC's retrieved from somewhere after having been "dead" for 50+ years. I am thinking there is a good chance that rather than actually dying, we were somehow transfered into the future to save the world. Only time will tell I suppose.

So who do I play? My PC is Frank Lambai, former mob enforcer and army specialist. After his rather lackluster stint in the military he joined a military research firm helping to develop new weapons. Seeing an opportunity to make himself out to be the "hero", he stole some of the research into new methods for compressing flame thrower fuel. His own experiments, on himself, caused his body to change. His body has become capable of exuding a living flame. His punch can set fire to all but the most inflammable of objects. He is a mean bastard who would just as soon catch the world on fire as save it, but perhaps he will find something worth saving in this post apocalypse wasteland.

Frank Lambai (known as Flambai)
Agility: d4 Smarts: d4 Spirit: d8 Strength: d10 Vigor: d8
Pace: 6 Parry: 8 Toughness: 9(3) Charisma: -2
Fighting: d12 Streetwise: d4 Notice: d4 Guts: d8 Intimidate: d8
Hinderance: Heartless, Mean, Overconfident  Edges: Super Powers, Power Points
Hardened Skin (Armor/2), Flame Punch (Melee Attack Lvl 2 w Elemental Trick Fire), Burning Aura (Damage Field w Elemental Trick Fire), Super Skill Fighting, Super Attribute Vigor

Looking forward to more playtime with this game, and Savage Worlds in general.

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