Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disney Fun Day Two

Our first full day of Disney was split between Disney's Animal Kingdom and our hotel at Animal Kingdom Kidani Villas. We started off with a trip to ride Dinosaur, a ride that Iain was just a hair too short for last year. No height issues this year and we headed in while mom waited with Liam. Iain didn't seem to nervous as we headed into the ride briefing room. I am not sure what he thought of the movie, but he did ask me to carry him as we left to board the ride itself. We were the first people in line and rode in the front of the time rover vehicle. No one else was in the front with us so we sat in the middle. As soon as I had him belted in he started to get a look of uncertainty on his face. Shortly after the ride started forward he told me he was scared. When the ride slowed down to look at the "nice" dinosaurs he relaxed, but it quickly jumps back to fast and furious with lots of "bad" dinosaurs. He was very brave, but I don't think he will be riding again for a while.

We followed up our harrowing experience on Dinosaur with our traditional Animal Kingdom Tusker House character breakfast. It was Liam's turn to be scared as Mickey, Daisy and Goofy (especially Goofy) came by for a visit. Iain got big hugs from all of his old friends and had a great time. Safari rides, Finding Nemo and some lunch pretty much wiped Liam out and we headed back to the room. Mom and Iain went swimming and Liam napped. After naps and pool time we went to eat at Sanaa here at Kidani Villas. It is an African themed restaurant with a touch of India to the cuisine.  The food was good, and terribly high priced. I realize now that I do not like curries, at all. Iain, who didn't nap fell asleep on the table at dinner, and cried a bit when we oke him up to leave. He was better soon enough though as we spent a few hours at the very nice resort pool to end the day. Both boys went to sleep with no fuss, and I did some laundry.  : )

Mickey and the family
Dinner naps...yum!

Great trip so far, with Iain behaving very, very well. Amazing how well he has behaved.

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