Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disney Day 4 - Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, I'm at Disney... We started my birthday by sleeping in. Last nights late park departure, along with the heat of our time at the water park took it's toll. I did get a cool rock slice from the boys that they found at one of the gift shops at Animal Kingdom which was cool. Melissa grabbed me a birthday button and we headed off to Animal Kingdom.

Iain loves both the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows at Animal Kingdom, and we did not get to see Lion King on our previous visit so we had to go back. We got to the park about 30 minutes before the 1 o'clock showing, and headed straight to Camp Minnie Mickey. The show was good, we sat in the elephant section. I need to mention our lunch, which we had immediatly after the show. In my opinion, the best counter service meal option at Animal Kingdom, and perhaps the entire of WDW is Flame Tree Barbaque. They server a 1/2 rack of ribs with beans and coleslaw. The ribs are really, really good and you can get a sweet and spicy bbq sauce on the side. Love eating at this place, especially since the various seating areas are nicely hidden in the trees. The eatin areas over look the waters around Asia and are covered. People often do not realize that there is seating further back which means you can often get a good seat with very little effort.

We rode on the safari ride and saw Tough to be a Bug before departing Animal Kingdom to head to the room and take a nap. There was not much napping, and the return visit was short as we needed to get to the Magic Kingdom for dinner.

Dinner was at Cinderella's Royal Table inside of the castle at the Magic Kingdom. This is something that, as far as I can remember, I have never done before. We checked in at about 7:45 for our 8:10 reservation. Shortly before, both boys fell asleep (there was not much napping earlier if you recall). The first thing you do is get a picture with Cinderella. Our pictures are pretty funny. Liam is crying and Iain is hiding his face. Oh well. The boys proceeded to fuss until we sat down at the table. Iain was not happy with the kids menu choices and wanted our steaks. Liam ate a little of everything, and a lot of sometings. Infants get complimentary pasta, but he also had his brothers fruit and mashed potatoes, some steak and a bunch of bread. Liam knows how to eat! Princesses are the characters at this dinner and we saw Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel. Iain was too shy to talk to any of them, he just stared. Liam and I got our pictures take with the princesses though. Dinner ended with a birthday cake purchased by mom and the boys. We were a little full though and just blew out the candle and sang happy birthday. We stayed long enough to catch the 10pm fireworks from inside the castle. This was quite a cool experience, as many of the launchers are on buildings right next to the castle.

After dinner we road Small World (again), and ended the day riding Dumbo. I am pretty sure that was a first for all of us. It is a fun ride, but I don't think I would ever ait more than the 10 minutes we did wait. After Dumbo the park was closed and we walked out in the direction of Liberty Square. We were fortunate to find that the Main Street Electgrical parade had not gone by yet, and there was a huge unbclamied section of rope. We sat down to watch the parade. Iain loved it, especially the Pinochio float.

It was a great birthday, capped off by a suprise goody basket waiting in the rooom for me. Filled candy and rice krispie treats the center piece is a big sized stuffed Mickey. We had to get to bed as it was 1 o'clock and we needed to get up in just 4 hours...

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