Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disney Day 3 - How to kill your kids and have fun doing it

Day three turned out pretty interesting. The plan was for Blizzard Beach in the AM followed by a long, long night at the Magic Kingdom (extra magic hours open till 2:00 am). We actually carried through with it, and were at the park until darn near 1 am.  Backing up earlier in the day though...

We headed to Blizzard Beach before the opening at 9:00. A partially successful departure had us well prepared for everything except that we forgot Liam's swim shirt. No big deal as Melissa and I had decided we wanted some as well. After some new shirts, a locker rental, and a bit of time to change we hit Tykes Peak for some kid slides and splashing. Liam was not really sure what to expect, but Iain had a blast. He road on the little kids slides a number of times in a row. We finally talked him in to leaving to ride the lazy river, which was a blast. Liam with mom (napping) and Iain with me. Mom and Liam stayed in for a second ride around, while Iain and I tried to find a "big" slide he would ride on. He would not attempt any of the really big slides, but did love Cool Runners. We road it about 15 times. Liam started to look pretty fried, so we had some lunch, changed and headed back to the room.

When we returned we rented a copy of the Power Rangers movie from the resort, and Iain watched it. Liam tried to nap, and tried to eat but instead decided the projectile vomiting would be better. Not surprisingly he felt a bit better after that.  A visit from house keeping and the carpet cleaning guy behind us and we left for the Magic Kingdom and a spot of dinner. We had reservations at Crystal Palace, but they were a bit late (8:45) and decided to just eat at Pinocchio Village Haus instead. We got a table overlooking It's A Small World with no problems and ate. Liam downed a lot of pizza crust and some green beans which seemed to make him feel better.

We went to ride Small World after dinner, and Iain did not want to go. Finally he gave us his usual drawn out OK, and we got on the ride in the very front. Short story is that he loved the ride, and that was the first of four rides. He sings along and loves to look for new things he hasn't noticed before. Liam likes it even more I think and dances, points, and talks the whole time. The evening at the MK progressed well and we ended the regular park hours on a sleepy Jungle Cruise. e followed that up with our first extra magic hours ride on Pirates. Iain was scared, but in the end decided it was not to bad.We walked over to Frontier Land to see if we could ride Big Thunder. Iain would not go on but Melissa and I did. The boys fell asleep. We walked over to Space Mountain after, because we had not ridden since the"update". It was a 30 minute wait so we used a baby swap and I waited in line. So disappointed! I am not sure they really updated much that was worthwhile, certainly not worth 30 minutes. Liam woke up while I was on the ride and fussed for mom. He was pretty warm when I got off so I stripped him down to his diaper. He thought that was fun and calmed down. It as a late night, we were all beat, but we had a good time.

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