Friday, March 12, 2010

Was Stickybits the best name?

Stickybits is the newest social media thing.  Everyone at SXSW this year got a pack of stickers (I am not there unfortunately) and I decided to check out what the buzz was all about. The idea is interesting, scan any barcode (or download and stick one to anything) and leave a picture, audio file or comment about whatever it was you scanned. Anyone can see (or hear) the other attachments left on barcodes. Stickybits sells barcode stickers ($9.95 for 20) that you can attach to anything, cards and shirts, and they also allow you to download barcodes. The Stickywiki has some interesting ideas for how to use your barcodes.  I think that the Geocaching option is a good one, as is the idea to scan a box of food and share a recipe.

An application for Android and the iPhone is available.  The Android app seems a bit flaky on my Nexus One, it says it is processing a lot, but it works.  Stickybits lets you login using Facebook Connect which makes account creation easy for Facebook users.

I created a barcode to attach to this site.  You can scan it and add anything you want.  :)

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