Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Amazon Kindle Team:

Please stop making all of these platform specific applications!  I don't want to install the Kindle application on all of my devices.  Please, please make an amazing web application for reading my Kindle content.  Take a look at what Gmail has done for e-mail and replicate that for reading e-books.  Give me a web interface to my library with a nice, rich HTML (not Flash) reading experience. Give me a great full screen reading environment that takes advantage of touch screens and keyboards to navigate pages.  Make an application that works great on my laptop, but also scales down to my netbook and to my phone.  You only have to look at what Gmail has done on the Android and iPhone platforms to get an idea of how much functionality you can bring to a mobile device.

I just have to think that we would have one amazing web application by now if the effort was not being wasted on getting bare bones functionality through a dozen platform specific apps.

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