Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remebering Linus

We made the difficult decision today to have Linus euthanized.  Over the past two years his health has deteriorated, culminating in him loosing about 1/2 his body weight over the past few months. Thyroid problems led to kindey problems and eventually even some cancer.

We got Linus about 11 years ago after we bought our first house. Kramer needed a friend (so he would stop being such a meany), and Linus fit the bill well. Linus was just a little black & white fuzz ball when we picked him up at the SPCA. We choose him because he liked playing with my hat. He stayed little for maybe a year then decided to grow, and grow and grow into a nearly 20 pound giant. He was a good lap cat, although a bit on the heavy side at times. Linus was our greeter cat, and generally our only cat to be seen when company was here. He ran up to anyone who came for a visit, to say hi and get petted. He loved climbing ladders and eating turkey at Thanksgiving.

I am sure Linus had a good life. He will be missed by everyone who got to know him.

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