Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Buy a Pogoplug

Pogoplug 2nd Generation FrontLike many geeks, I was first introduced to the Pogoplug at CES last year.  This small power plug adapter with a computer inside that would let me connect to an external (USB) hard drive drive from anywhere in the world.  It has worked very well over the past year, and I was pretty happy to see some video of the updated model from CES this year.  The Pogoplug is an awesome netbook accessory as it gives you basically unlimited storage in your own personal cloud for a one time purchase price (there is no monthly/annual fee to use the Pogoplug).

Pogoplug has client software for Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android.  I loaded up the software on my Nexus One yesterday and could not login.  I was 100% sure that I was typing in the correct password and decided to fire off a message to support.  The reason I am telling you to go buy a Pogoplug is because of the support experience I had with today, and every other time I have contacted them in the past.  Today is Sunday, I submitted my question online at 9:35 this morning.  At 9:36 it was assigned to the correct tech (and I got a personal e-mail telling me so) and we had the issue resolved by 2:00.  The resolution was actually a workaround, one I was fine doing, but I have been told by support that they will follow up when the full resolution is in place.  I have no doubt I will receive the update when the resolution is available.

Pogoplug offers a great product that works like they say it will.  They offer top tier support from people who obviously know the product very well.  If you have not already looked into Pogoplug I would strongly suggest you do.

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