Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy: A peak at the future

Earlier today Fantasy Flight Games published a PDF (view online) file giving everyone a peak at what is in store for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying game.  I am very interested in this game, and very interested in reading what is in store.  The file is a bit of a riddle though, I wonder if we can figure it all out?

The PDF reveals the thoughts of Gavius Klugge, renowned Master Wizard of the Grey Order.  As is to be expected, not all is well in the Empire.  Klugge is shown four glimpses of the future, and from these we can make some guess as to what is coming.
"...revealed to me that a storm is brewing. A terrible storm. A raging storm filled with difficult decisions and dire consequences."
The first upcoming item is The Gathering Storm, a campaign box set that has already been announced.  Not too much secret here.
"...more assistance is coming, more tools and resources to help me manage my affairs, to help me organise my thoughts, and ultimately allow me to prepare for what is coming in the year ahead. A trove of wisdom, the shadow promised, and more."
The second upcoming item is a bit trickier.  From the above quote it would appear that a second toolkit of some sort will be released.  This vision does go on to talk about a revealed nemesis though.  There is a picture of some sort of demon of Nurgle on the page which makes me think that perhaps this second item is some sort of magic item reference, with some chaosy bits thrown in for good measure.
" did not take me long to solve my third shadow’s riddle. Before he could whisper in my ear, I had deduced his meaning – the very winds of magic were blowing..."
Like the first vision, the third is easy to decipher.  The third expansion will be a magic sourcebook, presumably covering the remaining colleges of magic (and perhaps necromancy and demonology as well).  I can only presume that this will introduce more advanced careers for magic users to work with.
"I heard a scurrying of vermin and smelt the stench of dead things, woven into the fabric of the shadow’s words. The shadow placed in my hands a mask, a trifle, a noble’s amusement of pure shadow that melted and twisted and evaporated before my eyes."
My first guess on the fourth clue was a Skaven sourcebook, but after reading it a few more times I think it is another campaign.  More importantly I think it could be a reference to a remake of The Enemy Within campaign.  I don't mean an update of the classic, but rather a new campaign updated for the new edition of the game.  There are many clues in the text of this section, but the part about the mask seems particularly telling to me.

All in all this was a great way for FFG to build excitement for the product.  I am having a hard time focusing on my 4th edition D&D campaign with this system sitting on my shelf.  As for everything above, my predictions?  Even good Herr Klugge writes " seems everyone sees something different from the signs and portents".  This is what I see, only time will tell if I read the signs correctly.

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