Thursday, November 19, 2009

PDF Browsing, sofa style

I have been upgrading the technology in my office/game room. One of the new additions is a 40" Samsung LCD TV. I am now running my desktop through the TV, and it is working quite well for media and picture viewing.

One unexpected benefit has been the use of the Google Docs Viewer to read PDF files. The pictures posted here are the view of a roleplaying pdf for Warhammer Fantasy. The pictures were taken from my couch. Makes for a very nice viewing experience from a distance.

I am finding that most web browsing is too small from the distance though. Luckily I am able to compensate by zooming in on the page in Google Chrome. It is not always ideal, but it will suffice. This computer is mostly for media consumption and to serve as the primary machine for the XBOX's to connect ot for media server purposes.

Loving the new "Sean Room" though. I will try and get some pictures posted once I put in the final touches.

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