Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Music Search

I have been doing a search for Living on a Prayer each morning, waiting to try out the new Google music search OneBox.  I finally got mine this morning, and I am a tad underwhelmed.  I pretty much new what to expect, but I was really hoping that there would be a bit more.  There isn't.  Basically, when you search for a term that has a matching song or artist you will get a OneBox at the top of the search results which allows you to play or shop for that song(s).  The service is powered by Lala, which is a service I highly recommend, and allows you to play the songs in a popup.

While this is cool, I am not sure that it is at all helpful.  I did my search for Hungry Lucy.  It returned results for Hungry Lucy.  What I would like to see is an option for related artists or songs.  Maybe a way to do a related genre search.  Links to Wikipedia or Sound Unwound articles would be helpful also.  I guess my big problem is that there is nothing here to help me discover new music.

Now if I type in the name of an artist I have just heard of this does give me a fast way to sample the songs, and I almost always go to Lala for that now.  This is a bit helpful, I just wish that it went a couple of steps further.

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