Monday, October 5, 2009

Modular Terrain Gaming Table

As a parent, I often see the possibilities for gaming accessories in the toys the kids play with.  Ever since Iain was a baby I have thought that the interlocking foam rubber playmats they have for kids would make an awesome, portable gaming surface.  I am terrible with terrain, so I never made any, but I always thought that someone should.  It turns out that someone has.

EZ TERRAIN™ Interlocking TilesI saw this morning on Tabletop Gaming News that The Terrain Guy has released thier EZ Terrain interlocking tiles terrain system.  The system uses the same types of tiles that are available for kids to play on, but covered with flock.  These look to be very nice, and are offered in both 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 foot sections, which is nice for people like me who prefer a smaller playing surface at times (for games like Song of Blades and Battleground Fantasy).  At 4.95 for a 1 x 1 tile the price is not too bad, and this system has the benefit of being both lockable and flexible.  I can make a rectangular or square board with equal ease.  I think I might pick some of these up.  Since the 2' and 1' tiles are compatible, I think I will get a mix.
EZ TERRAIN™ tiles are durable, versatile and portable. These interlocking tiles are made from high density foam rubber. Unlike traditional styrofoam terrain, these tiles will not break, chip or flake. They are so tough that you can stand on a tile without damaging it.

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