Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting to catch the Wave

Today is the day that the first batch of live Google Wave invites is going to be released. According to the Google Blog you have the following options for grabbing an invite today:
There is also indications that people who are in the developer preview can nominate people to move to the front of the queue for today's invites and that those who receive invites today will have to option to nominate others to receive invites in th near future.  It also looks like there will be a a few more than the 100,000 invites that Google has stated will be sent out.  More is good.

I think I was pretty quick to get signed up back when Wave was first announced, but only time will tell if I get an invite today.  It appears that the Wave invites will start to roll out in about 4 - 6 hours (about 5:00 pm CST in the US - just a guess).  According to @twephanie on Twitter, on of the Wave developers, they are going to wait until morning in Sydney for support issues.
Invites will go out late in the day US time on Sept 30 - we are in Sydney and want to be awake to support you all!
While we all sit back and wait for the invites to start rolling out, there are a few good sources of information that you can check out.  I suggest both Gina's article as well as the video for people who are not 100% familiar with what Wave is all about.  I will update this article later when invites start to appear, and will be sure to announce if an invite appears in my inbox.

Google Wave First Look by Gina Trapani on Lifehacker
Google Wave Overview Video a short video covering the main topics of interest in Wave.
My collection of Wave links, which I plan to grow after the invites are released.

Update #1 I am reading now that the invites will be sent at about 10 am Sydney time.  That would be about 7:00 pm here in Houston (CDT).  I am also reading that this roll-out will include 5 Gmail style invites so that those who receive an invite will be able to invite 5 friends.  That would make the initial pool of users much, much higher than we heard initially.  I guess I will believe that one when we see it.

Update #2 8:00 PM CDT @twephanie just posted the following to Twitter. "Wave invites starting ... will take many many many many hours to get them all out! We are so very grateful for all the interest!!"

Update #3 7:27 AM CDT No Wave invite in my inbox this morning.  Hopefully I can snag one over the next several weeks.

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