Saturday, July 11, 2009

RPG Character Compendium

I was playing around with Google Sites today.  They have certainly made it easy to create sites by combining text, basic layout and gadgets.  It is the gadgets that really make the site shine because they allow you to add data from all over the place.

I made a few new sites today, but the one I worked on the most is a simple site for me to store and showcase some of the characters I have made for 4th edition D&D, Savage Worlds and other game systems.  I was surprised by how quickly I could post the data up that I wanted to include.

I have used two gadgets thus far, a Google Docs gadget to bring in my character background documents and the gadgets from iplay4e which embed a character sheet for 4E into the site.  Worked out pretty well I think.

I have only uploaded three 4e characters thus far, but I am planning to get all of my characters uploaded in the next few weeks.

Sean’s RPG Character Compendium

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