Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monster Builder – The Vile Crypt Ghoul

image Yes…I spent my lunch hour today playing with the monster builder like all good GM’s should.  And yes, I created a quick monster…a ghoul.  Oh, and yes I really could not think of a better power name than Crypt Juice for his little disgusting burst.

You can see the image based output of the monster stat block below.  I added a lot of different features to him just to see how the software worked.  My initial impression is that the software is easy to use, but does require quite a bit of imagination get the right feel.  I really like that you can drag powers in from other sources and edit them.  Both the claw and the quick bite power are borrowed (from the Ghoul and one of the Gnoll powers).

A few things took me a minute to figure out.  On the Quick Bite it was not immediately apparent that I could type the extra text after free.  There are a lot of description and info boxes in the powers area, and you kinda have to type in each one to see where it displays in the power.  I also was not sure how to get the image file of the stat block (you need to right click in the monster list).  Otherwise, so far so good.

All in all this is a nice looking beta product and a welcome addition to the DDI offerings.  Wizards seems to be moving in the right direction with the tools for 4th edition D&D.


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