Sunday, July 26, 2009

Google Docs Templates for 4e

I am not the worlds greatest designer, but I have been working on a few templates for 4th Edition D&D DM’s.  I have two created thus far and would love any comments or suggestions.

The first template is my Encounter Planner.  It is a simple form that I typically copy into my Google Sites based GM’s notebook.  The template is designed to have monster cards copied in from the compendium.

The second template is a simple combat matrix that I use to track damage and conditions for the monsters and NPC’s in my encounters.  I link to the matrix for a particular encounter in the Encounter Planner document.  It uses some simple conditional formatting to highlight status’s and bloodied monsters.

Google Docs allows people to share templates with others now, and you can find my two templates in the Docs template gallery.

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