Friday, July 3, 2009

Gaming and Google

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I doubt it is much of a secret to anyone who games with me that I am a big fan using the various tools the Google offers to plan, note and record my game sessions.  I also use Google for pretty much every thing else I do online as well.

The Dice of Life blog seems to have the same addiction, and has been writing up a series of posts covering how to spice up your gamer life with a dash of Google.  Well worth the read, especially if you are not 100% familiar with how these online tools work.

While many of the Google tools work perfectly together, I am always wishing that things like Google Groups and Google Sites would work better together.   Google seems to be relying on gadgets for their different tools to allow them to be embedded into each other, but that does not work so well where Groups and Sites are concerned.

The software I really miss from Google is Google Notebook, which they no longer support.  It is actually still available, but I don't think I would put any data into it.  Notebook was great for recording small snippets of information and random thoughts.  I am starting to use Evernote for this purpose, but I am not 100% sold that this is the route I want to go.

You can find my campaigns Google Site page here.

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