Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DDI Monster Builder Beta Tomorrow

Monster_Builder Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the Monster Builder beta to all DDI subscribers sometime tomorrow.  We got to see some nice pictures of the software a few weeks back, and it appears that tomorrow is the day we get to try it out first hand.

I had a chat with some fellow gamers tonight, one of which has been using the software as a tester, and it sounds like this is going to be a really amazing tool for DM’s.  Hopefully, players will appreciate all of the new creations that come their way.

Personally, I am most interested in borrowing powers from one creature to use in another.  I like this because I understand that the program will automatically scale the power based on the level of the new creature.  Easy to take your favorite level 30 power and throw it on your level 1 minion and have it scale out correctly.  Yet another tool that makes the job of the DM in 4th edition D&D that much easier.

I am sure downloads will be busy (and slow) tomorrow.  Hopefully it releases while I am still at work and can take advantage of the big bandwidth.

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