Monday, July 27, 2009

40K Space Marines

Update:  I have had some time to think about this, and I am going to make some changes.  I think that the TacSquads are going to stay at 10 man and swap to Rhino’s.  Also I am going to drop the flamer in favor of a meltagun.  Sgt in each squad will also swap for a Power Fist and some sort of ranged weapon (combi most likely).  Just need to re-do the points.

With Dark Heresy up for so many Ennie awards this year, I went back and read through a bunch of the main rulebook last week.  While I was at it, I looked through Necropolis 2350 for Savage Worlds again.  These two settings have some similarities, and throughout the time I was reading them my mind kept drifting to Warhammer 40K.  Eventually my mind drifted far enough that I started reading about the 5th edition of the rules online and some of the changes to the Space Marine codex.  One thing led to another and I stopped by Montag’s (my FLGS) to pick up a copy of the new SM codex.  I read through it this weekend and, well here we are….

I am considering throwing together a SM army, most likely 1750 points, that I could use vs. the old Necron force that I kept from when I used to play (3rd edition).  I am looking for some opinions on the army I am considering.


Chaplain with Terminator Armour & Melta Bombs


TacSquad #1 10 Marines, Flamer, Lascannon Sgt. Power Weapon w/ Razorback

TacSquad #2 10 Marines, Flamer, Lascannon, Sgt Power Weapon w/ Razorback

TacSquad #3 10 Marines, Meltagun, Hvy Bolter, Sgt Chainsword w/ Rhino


Terminator Assualt (5) w/ Lightning Claws w/ Land Raider +storm bolter dedicated
(Chaplain joins this unit)

Dreadnought twin-linked Autocannon


2x Vindicators w/ HK Missile

Predator w/ sponson bolters + storm bolter.

I think this comes out to 1750 exactly.  My goal is to make this a stand and grab army.  It seems that missions with objectives are pretty key in 5th edition.  TacSquad #1 & #2 are broken into combat squads.  The Lascannon and 4 marines stay back to shoot and protect the Vindicators while the flamer/meltagun guys head off in the Razorback with the sgt and the remaining marines.The Razorback & crews will start in reserve as they are intended to grab objectives.  TacSquad #3 uses the Rhino to keep the whole squad together and they are there from the get go to grab and hold key objectives.

Landraider with the Termies and Chappy are meant to be a really big speed bump.  They cruise off to intercept whatever looks to be getting too close.  It’s a 600 point speed bump which could be an issue…hopefully they will tear things up pretty well.

The tanks are meant to light things up from afar.  I am focusing on doing as much general damage as I can with the tanks, leaving all the Lascannons in the hands of the Marine units.  Vindicators are placed to cover objectives where they can stay put and, hopefully, in some cover to just pelt any enemies that decide to snag an objective early (also useful for pinning down approaching troops).  As I thought about this more clearly I remembered that the attacker chooses which weapon is destroyed opens up 20 more points to play with elsewhere. HK missiles are there mostly to soak a weapon destroyed roll. Dreadnought’s goal is to shoot or smash anything that gets too close to the tanks, plus use the Autocannon to weaken units from a distance.

So 40k players, how does this sound for a “fun” army?  I doubt I would ever play this in a tournament.  I am planning to write up my own detail on a chapter and provide my own color scheme.  I don’t do well trying to copy the look of an existing chapter.

All constructive comments welcome.

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