Friday, June 12, 2009

Working in the Cloud?

Live Mesh

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How much software do you use to work in the cloud?

I am just wrapping up the install and configuration of a brand new computer for work, and I was kinda surprised at how many applications I am running locally now to feed my cloud computing addiction.

I installed the Pogoplug client, Jungle Disk, and Live Mesh to control my various backup and file access needs.  I installed Offisync to give MS Office access to my Google Docs.  It seems like a lot of software to install just to feed my cloud computing needs.

I install most of this software on my EEE PC as well, where I typically try to go very light on software.  The EEE typically just gets Pogoplug and Jungle Disk.  I have stopped installing Mesh.

Do we need this much software to be effective in the cloud?  I am using both Pogoplug and Jungle Disk for backups, and Pogoplug also serves as extended storage.  Mesh I am using to synchronization, and perhaps most importantly, for remote access.  Offisync just makes working with my documents so much easier as I can use the full Office suite when needed.

I guess we are not quite to the point of ridding ourselves of client side software. 

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