Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Firefox Collection

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I am not using Firefox to much recently as Chrome has become my default browser, but I do still like to use some extensions which keeps Firefox installed on most of my computers.  I don't use too many, and they typically are installed to help me either collect or consume information better.  I put together my current set of extensions using the new Firefox Collections tool.  Noting terribly shocking in the collection, but I think this is a good set if you want to keep your extensions to a minimum.  I supplement these extensions with a few bookmarklets. Sidebar - Which makes it easy to send links to Twitter, Facebook or via Gmail.
Note in Reader - This is mostly replaced by Feedly, but sometimes I use it when I am having issues with the Feedly minibar.
Amazon Wish List
- I use Amazon to track the things I want to buy for myself and others.
Facebook - Sometimes I post directly to Facebook.
Posterous - I am playing with Posterous to make posting to my blogs and various services easier.

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