Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BGFW Gaming Tokens?

I have been looking at some game tokens for use in my D&D campaign that just started, and came across the Gaming Tokens on the Dark Platypus site. They have a number of tokens, mostly different monsters and what not. What really caught my attention was the +0/+1, +1/+1 etc counters. These might work quite well not for D&D but for Battleground Fantasy Warfare. I find it somewhat difficult to keep track of the various different effects, and these might be a pretty nice way to keep track. You could even use multiples of the same image tokens to mark objective points and the like.

They have some other nice gaming accessories, including a magnetic battle map, which is what I was going to the site to see in the first place and some dungeon walls that look a lot like the walls from Mage Knight Dungeons.

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