Thursday, May 28, 2009

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TableTop Gaming News is one of my favorite sources of game industry information. While trying to catch up on news in Google Reader this morning I received a number of 500 Internal Server errors. I went by the home page and was saddened to read that Zac won't be publishing the site anymore. He did a really great job of keeping me up to date with what was going on in the word of table top miniatures gaming, and the site will definitely be missed. He is offering the site up for sale, perhaps someone will step in an buy it. I wish Zac good luck with future plans.

TGN for sale
It appears that the server that TGN currently resides on is suffering from a rather heavy load. This load isn't due to the traffic on TGN which is normal for the month and my ISP appears to be uninterested in helping to solve the problem. Sadly I don't have the tools or access to the tools that would allow me to solve the issue and despite my efforts over the last day or so I have been unable to rectify the issue.
The only solutions to this are to upgrade to a more expensive hosting package (which I am not willing to do) or move to a new ISP. Sadly I'm not really interested in doing that either.
Over the last year I have had less and less time to devote to the site and it has begun to require more of my time not only to keep it running and up-to-date but also in terms of the news gathering and posting.
It has long been a dream of mine to make the site profitable enough to support me and over the last four years despite the strides the site has made in terms of reach and traffic this hasn't really been the case. I am of the opinion that given enough time and resources this site could in fact generate a fairly good income but sadly I just don't have the time to pursue any additional revenue streams for the site.
On most evenings I usually have to choose between painting and posting news and it has been about a year since I was able to dedicate anything more than a few hours a day to the site.
Sadly I have decided to put the site up for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing the site should email me zac at Information regarding the site, traffic and revenue levels can be provided to any serious bidders.
I will be winding down the site and removing pages right away. The TGN Talk message board will stay open for the time being.

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