Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gear Bag Love

I am a certified gear bag nut. I love reading about what people carry around with them in their bags, and perhaps more so about the bags that they use. Recently, there have been a number of What's in my Bag posts on various blogs. Thought I would point out a few of the recent posts. I should also mention that Flickr has an awesome photo pool of bag goodness, you should check it out. The picture is the most recent of my gear bag(s).Gear Bag 2009

What's in your bag Kevin Tofel
What's in your bag James Kendrick
What's in your bag Meryl Evans

I started up a Friendfeed
group today where I plan to post links related to things that I often carry in my gear bag. If you are interested in the Kindle, Netbooks, Nintendo DSi, Blackberry Storm, or the Zune (well and some othe gadgets I am sure) then check out the group.

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