Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mystery of the Borderlands 4e Campaign

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Thinks have finally come together, and it looks like my 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons game will be kicking off in about 13 days on May 13th.  I can just barely remember "playing" Dungeons & Dragons with my brother and a few friends (Tony & Jerry Dunham if I recall correctly) when I was a kid.  We didn't really play correctly, but I doubt we cared.  We used to go sit in the University of South Dakota student union and play.  Good times.

I stopped playing D&D until about 5 years ago when I got interested in playing some 3 and later 3.5 edition games.  I actually DM'd my first D&D RPG for 3.5 about 2 years ago.  It went fairly well but we only had one session which kind of sucked.  In all honesty, I really didn't like the 3.x versions much.  They were a bit to fiddly for me, and you really needed to be an expert to keep things running right (or so I felt).

Enter D&D 4th edition, and some massive changes to the way the game is played.  When I first started hearing about the details of the changes I had a feeling I would like the game, and I can say that my feelings were quite correct.  From a game standpoint, I think this is going to be a load of fun to play.  The roleplaying aspect should be quite interesting as well with new Skill Challenges being used along side combat and just plain old fashioned roleplaying.

We have 5 (possibly 6) 2nd level characters almost ready to dive into the game.  I have been working on a wiki site using Google Sites to use as a home base for the game.  If you are interested in following Dara, Pax, Elizur, Olias and the others on their quest you can check in with the wiki or this blog.

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