Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kindle Wireless Delivery Changes

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Amazon has announced some changes to the personal document delivery service they have for the Kindle. Currently, you can e-mail Amazon a document (many formats are supported) and they will convert the file and deliver it to your Kindle wirelessly. They charge .10 per document for this service. Beginning on May 4th, the service will increase in price to .15 per MB. Important to note that a) the service is going from a flat to a metered fee and b) the minimum charge is always the .15 cents.

I have only used this service a few times, but I do think it is a great service for Amazon to offer. You can manually convert documents and move them to the Kindle for free, but the convenience factor with this service is very nice.

i am sure that people will complain about the price hike, and make all sorts of claims about how the service should be free and how poor of a job the service does with complex PDF files. In my mind though, this is a good idea. Amazon has got to be spending a ton of money on the Whispernet service with Sprint. One of the primary reasons I like the Kindle is Whispernet. My hope is that by raising the price on this service a little bit they can recoup some of the money they are spending on Whispernet and keep the wikipedia and experimental internet parts free.

I will also note that they have added support for RTF files as well as experimental support for DocX file (Word 2007).

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