Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ready for AT-43

I have pretty much completed all I plan to buy as part of the mega sale(s) that have been going on with the Rackham AT-43 game.  I first mentioned the sale back in November, and was happy to see the sale kick off again in 2009.  You can still take advantage of good pricing at the Warstore and a few other online retailers.

I originally planned to round out my UNA force, and buy some Karmens.  In the end though, I bought enough stuff to field a sizable for for each of the UNA, Therian, Karmen and Red Block factions.  They each have something quite interesting about them, and I am very glad to have picked them up.  I don’t imagine I will ever see a closeout opportunity like this for a game that is not really closing out again.  I am quite taken with the Red Block.  I originally had planned to skip them, but changed my mind.  I am glad I did.  The Therians are still my least favorite faction, and the faction I have invested the least money in.

I took some pictures today, thought I would share them.

Another AT-43 view

This picture represents my entire collection of AT-43 miniatures.  They are spread out on a 3’ x3’ surface I use for playing AT-43.  Made very simply from some 1’x1’ floor tiles that are a rock/granite color and pattern.  Works nicely for a gaming surface and is very portable.  I used the sticky back of the tiles to adhere  some brown earth tone fabric.  Lets the tiles be used with either side up.

Packed up

Here is the same set of stuff all collapsed down for storage.  The infantry fits in the nine plastic boxes, and the terrain goes in the big blue tub.  The two green boxes are from the container store and are a simple cloth box with a wireframe.  The are sturdy and light weight.  The infantry boxes go in, I add all of the AFV and striders and then top it off with four card boxes, my four AT-43 tins from GF9, and the indirect fire template.  Makes for easy storage.


Here is everything all put away nice and neat.  I can grab these four things and set up a game of AT-43 pretty much anywhere.  I would like to get a few more destroyed buildings and the like for extra cover, but I have enough to work with.  AT-43 plays well on a 3’ x3’ board with a load of cover, so this is really a nice set for the game.

If you live in the Houston (especially South Houston) area and are interested in AT-43 give me a shout.  I don’t get out much for gaming, but I would love to get some more AT-43 under my belt.  I have enough to easily field a single army from each faction, and I bet I cold make two UNA and two Karmen armies if needed.

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