Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gamer bling addiction

I suffer from a very serious condition.  I am addicted to gamer bling.  For those who don’t know, gamer bling is all of the nicely produced extra bits that gamers can buy.  These bits are not required to play a game, but they make the experience a bunch better.  Hello, my name is Sean, and I am a gamer bling addict.

I blame Gale Force Nine for starting my addiction with gamer bling.   Gale Force Nine makes some very nice accessories for miniatures games.  They make everything from bases to dice to various status tokens.  My first experience with GF9 was way back when I played Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  GF9 made a great line of markers to help determine charges and to mark various in game status effects.  None of the items I bought were required to play the game, but each of them made the game a little bit cooler IMHO.

AT-43 Tokens - Gamer BlingRecently, I purchased token, ruler and dice sets for the Karmens and UNA factions for AT-43.  What I have now is a nice tin that stores a set of custom dice, a color matched ruler designed for the game, and a full set of tokens for my factions.  I added an official Rackham tape measure (I have 5 I think) and 10 small plastic chips to track wounds and a resolution table.  Makes a very nice and compact set of bling for each of the factions I own.

Litko also makes some nice counters.  In fact, if you want a status marker for your games this the place to go.  They have markers for just about anything, and if they don’t have it you can likely custom order it.  They offer a number of sets of tokens for use in RPG’s which is different from GF9.  They have some D&D 4e sets, and at one point had a set for Savage Worlds (but I could not find it on the site this am).  Nice stuff, especially if you take a look at some of the terrain and other offerings.

I don’t think I have purchased a game just because of the extra stuff that could go along with it, but I will say that Alkemy  looks more attractive knowing that GF9 is going to be making accessories. 

Do you have a gamer bling addiction?  It is best to share, and get it off your chest.  Leave a comment.  :)

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