Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fan the Flames

2345020484_491608a5c1_mI have been reading through some of my Flames of War books recently, mostly due to the recent launch of the new Flames of War Command blog.  I am sure there are loads of great Flames of War blogs out there, but this blog is run by the same person who writes the AT-43 Addict blog which I like quite a lot.

Anyway, it got me thinking about FoW again, and possibly putting together a late war US Tank Company.  I have never played the game, but have always wanted to, so I did some asking around on the FoW forums and came up with an army that sounds pretty fun to me.

HQ   Army Cost
2 M4 Sherman 2 M4 (2 Hedgerow Cutters) 145
Combat Platoons    
Tank Platoon Alpha 5 M4 Sherman (2 Hedgerow Cutters) 350
Tank Platoon Bravo 5 M4 Sherman 345
Tank Platoon Charlie 4 M4A1 (76mm) Sherman 355
Weapons Platoons    
Armoured Mortar Platoon 3 Mortar Sections 105
Light Tank Platoon 4 M5A1 Stuart 190

Pretty cool.  I would have 20 tanks in the army, along with 4 half tracks.   That is a lot of painting and assembling, but I am never too concerned about winning any painting awards.  The tanks are basically all one color so I think I could hammer them out pretty quick.

The army above would run me about $240.00 at the War Store.  That’s a lot of money for a game I will likely only play a few times.  Can’t decide what to do.

Photo Credit, GeekyBiker

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