Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why I love/hate the RPG Bloggers feed.

If you having even a passing interest in pen & paper roleplaying games it is in your best interest to be familiar with the RPG Bloggers site and their very comprehensive list of RPG blogs.  They have really done some spectacular work to build up a comprehensive catalog.  I have discovered more useful blogs, and amazing content from this site in the past 6 months than I did in the year (or more) before that.  Perhaps there is just better content as of late, but this site certainly helps to keep things fresh.  I really love this site.

One problem I have with this site, and all aggregator sites like i,t is that if I subscribe to the main feed to catch all of the new goodness I cannot un-subscribe from the individual feeds that I am not interested in.  I am not interested in feeds that focus mostly on White Wolf games for example, and would prefer to unsubscribe.  Having an OPML file for the site would help, as it would make it easier to sort through all of the different member sites and pick the ones I want to keep.  A quick search tonight helped me to find an OPML.  If you are interested you can head over to the 6d6 Fireballs blog and getting a hold of the OPML they are maintaining.  It may just be perception, but it also seems like I get more full feeds when I subscribe to each site than I do by subscribing to the RPG Bloggers feed.

Overall, I really like what RPG Bloggers is doing.  They are making it easy for me to find new content.  I highly suggest you subscribe if you are interested in RPG’s.

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