Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upgraded Kindle Unboxing

Being the gadget freak that I am, I had to take advantage of Amazon’s offer to be first in line to try out the new Amazon Kindle (K2).  It arrived on Tuesday, and I immediately recorded my Kindle unboxing (sorry for the crap quality).  I also opened up my newest geek t-shirt that I got from Woot.


A few quick thoughts on the K2:

  • The user experience compared to the first Kindle is quite different.  Reading on the K2 just feels like a new experience.  I am not sure yet what the good and bad parts of the experience are, just different.
  • Many of the actual UI changes are quite nice.  I especially like the progress meter and the top information bar.
  • I am missing the ability to lock the device using the keyboard.  It is not as convenient to reach to the top and flip the switch.
  • Basic navigation was much faster with the K1’s scroll wheel.  However, the stick in the K2 makes highlighting and annotating much easier.
  • Automatic dictionary look ups are an amazingly cool feature…maybe the best new thing.
  • The default (read cheap) leather case that you can order a) holds the Kindle very securely and b) is not as nice to use when reading.  I miss the elastic to keep the cover closed.  It was much easier to attach the light for night reading on the K1.

I plan to record another video soon to discuss what I like and don’t like about the K2 compared to the K1.

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