Thursday, February 5, 2009

Round Tables for Miniatures?

I have been looking at some sites recently trying to decide what terrain I might want to buy to enhance my collection and to put together some nicer stuff for AT-43 and Infinity.  I started thinking about my gaming space at home and I have two tables that would work very well.  One is a 3’x3’ square table and the other is a 4’ round table.

Got me thinking, why do we play miniatures games on square or rectangular boards?  Why not use a round playing surface?  I have seen a number of round demo tables, I think Privateer Press had some nice ones for Warmachine.  A round table seems like it would be a more natural or realistic surface to play on.  A round table lacks the hard borders of a rectangle, and seems easier to design a large.    Perhaps it is just that game rules have long been written for square tables.  I don’t suppose there is any real reasons for it other than precedent.

Does anyone know?  Are round tables in someway bad for playing miniatures games?

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