Friday, February 27, 2009

Ilta ‘09 – Legal Technology Conference

I just submitted my registration for the ILTA ‘09 conference that will be held in August in Washington, DC.  This years conference is important to me for a few reasons.
  • They have added an Enterprise 2.0 track.  My thinking at work turns more and more to introducing E 2.0 concepts into our firm.
  • I am expecting some interesting discussion around the Interwoven 8.5 line of products.  Perhaps some real answers relating to e-mail management?
  • I am predicting that the back channel at conference this year will be quite rich.  I thought it was good last year (I didn’t attend) and am hoping for spectacular this year.
  • The economy is hitting administrative travel and conference budgets hard.  I really want to attend this year, so I am planning to foot the bill on my own (and pray for a turn around so I can expense it in August).
I thought it would be fun to throw together a personal blog for conference this year, so I will kick of Sean’s ILTA ‘09 blog today.  Content should be come more frequent as August approaches.  I will be live blogging the conference, and plan to share some video as well (got to love the Flip cameras).  Stay tuned.

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