Monday, February 23, 2009

Columbia Games Deal

I am a big fan of Columbia Games.  I have six of there games sitting on a shelf across the room from me right now.  Thanks to a change to their $149.00 game bundle, I am looking to add three more.  Normally, the EuroFront series of world war 2 games are not available as part of the buy 3 games deal.  The games normally sell for $99.00 each(there are three of them) or on special for $279.00.  However, for this week only you can get the games as part of the bundle.

That gives you the entire European theater of WWII in all of it’s block game goodness for only 150 bucks.  50% off retail is a good deal any way you cut it.  I have often looked at these games as I am told that they give a very good feel for the genre without being overly difficult to learn.  I am already a fan of block games so I know that this particular style suits me.  The price has always held me back before, but I think it is time to act.

When they arrive I will have a 4’ x 6’ playing board upon which to fight out many battles, as well as over 500 blocks to get stickers on.  That should keep me busy for a few nights.  As with all my game purchases I just need to find an opponent or three to play against.

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