Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If I was at CES…

If you were bored, and decided to spend a day recently cyber stalking me (did you?) you would have seen me looking around at CES gear reports.   I love reading about what mobile (and not so mobile) gear people take with them to conferences.  I also love reading the after conference reports where people say how well the gear worked, and generally recap the event.  I am also usually interested in what bag people are using to haul things around in.  Have not seen to many bag reports this year though.

I decided that I would throw my gear bag out on a table as well, and snap a new gear picture.  It has been a while since I have done a “what’s in my bag” post anyway.

What's in my Bag(s)

Things have changed a little bit from last January when I took this picture.

Gear Bag 2009

I do still have some of the things in the first picture, like the Dell, but with the 901 it rarely ever leaves home.  The web cam in the earlier picture as well as the bluetooth chip have been retired since they are both built into the 901.  Both pictures have notes on Flickr to say what everything is.

The bag on the left is my old Timbuk2 Metro Messenger, and I use that bag for weekend use around town.  It is easier to hit the store/mall/park with this bag than the backpack.  The pack on the right is my fairly new Tom Bihn Ruck’s Sac.  The pack is designed to be small, light and carried by someone with a small frame.  I think it works great.  Not a lot of pockets, but with the interior rings for the pouches work great.

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