Sunday, December 21, 2008

Waiting for GD3

I am anxiously awaiting the release of the new genreDiversion rule set.  GD3 looks to be quite an interesting re-write of the existing rules.

The product page is up for GD3, but the product is not yet available for ordering.  According to the product page the following changes exist compared to the current GDi rules.

    • Pursuits
      Skills are now known as pursuits and range from incompetency's to masteries (similarly to Active Exploit's skills), providing a bonus/penalty on related tasks and define the effects of most exploits.
    • Easier Dice Rolling
      The margin has been eliminated--simply roll equal to or greater than the difficulty rating to succeed (the ability rating is added to the dice total); difficulty values are now ten greater than their GDi counterparts.
    • Tougher Characters and Monsters
      Characters can use experience to directly affect play. They also possess greater levels of health, allowing them to take more punishment; these added levels can be easily ignored for more gritty games, maintaing the same scale as found in GDi.
    • Quicker Combat
      Difficulty values for contested actions in combat are quick and easy, typically adding an opposing character's ability to a base difficulty. Optional weapon gimmicks can also be utilized for more detail or ignored for super-fast resolution.
    • Scaling
      Not only can characters' abilities be scaled to super proportions, but guidelines are provided for mixing elements of different scales, including sizes and damage.

Most interesting is some discussion in a recent blog post about the use of the rules for playing miniatures games in addition to RPG’s.  I will be very curious to see how this is done, and to see hw it compares to the system used in the New World Disorder game.

Regardless, this new set of genreDiversion rules is on my list for pre-order as soon as they are available.

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