Monday, December 1, 2008

Organizing my gaming watch list

How do you keep track of the games you want to buy?  I am constantly coming across board games, rpg’s and console video games I am interested in buying (or at least finding out more about).  One of the pr0blems I have is that when it comes time to order some games, I forget some of the games I have been meaning to buy.

Board Game Geek is nice to keep track of board games, but the other games don’t work so well there.  I have really been looking for a one stop list location since I hate having to remember where I wrote something down.

I have been putting down a few things on my Amazon wish list this week in preparation for Christmas.  Always like to give my family some guidance around the holidays.  As I was putting it together, I remembered that Amazon now lets people add any product, from any site to there Amazon wish list.  You use a simple Universal Wish List bookmarklet to add the items to your lists.  I realized that it would be a simple way to track the games I am interested in buying.  I often purchase RPG and video game stuff from Amazon, so moving all of my gaming interests to one place works well.

How do you keep track of games you are interested in?  I also wonder how people research games they might want to buy.  Do you use any internet tools to help you organize things?

Here is a peek at what is on my gaming wish list right now.
My Wish List

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